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Russia: On the Right Path to Reclaim Future Generations

For this blog, I am going to combine two stories I have read. One is about Russia Duma wanting to get rid of Halloween and the second is banning dating sites. Which I agree with both.

First, let’s start with the Halloween thing. The Duma in Russia has noticed an awful trend around Halloween. Teen Suicide. They have had enough and they are getting ready to rid Russia of this unholy day. Good for them. There are 100 thousand kids get abducted on this one night alone. The abductions start cranking up in September and go till a few days after Halloween. They happen at other times of the year, but not as heavy as around Halloween. State Duma Rep V. Milonov is presenting a bill to the Duma to end this unholy day and finally call it what it is, satan’s day. I guess you could say his birthday celebration. Oh yeah! Let’s pass the goblet of goats blood and side of an unborn fetus. For dessert, we’ll have a virgin boy with an IQ of 200. Yeah, good times to all.

Sarcasm aside, this day never should have been allowed to take hold here. It’s as un-Christlike as you can get. Here is the link for you to do and read. https://on.rt.com/9hc0

The second article is about how the Russian Duma wants to ban American dating site trend. I grew up with the first generation that knew what AIDS is. We have lost so many beautiful babies because of AIDS. We have also lost some really talented people like Ryan White. If you don’t know who he is google him. And make sure you have a box of tissues close by.

As a single mom, I don’t dare use these sites. They are horrible and they don’t really screen the people on them. When the Heavenly Father is ready for us to mate and multiply, he’ll bring us together. Dating sites are another unChristlike thing that never should’ve been allowed to take hold. Following Halloween of course. To read the article on these two topics on RT go to the link above and to the one below. https://on.rt.com/9h9e



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Animal Farm

Today we looked at the last chapter of the book. In this chapter, the barn animals realize how corrupt the pigs had become. All but three animals who survived the rebellion was still alive. Clover’s sight was fading and she was two years past what was supposed to be her retirement age. After what happened with Boxer, no one asked about retirement plans again. The seven commandments were now one. All Animals are equal. But some are more equal than others.

Toward the end, the barn animals were horrified by seeing the pigs walking upright. The sheep were taken out and taught a new mantra. “Four legs good! Two legs better!” This replaced the “Four legs good. Two legs bad!”. They knew the pigs were walking upright like humans. The same humans that exploited them for years.

On the last evening, there was a gathering with the pigs with Napoleon and his lap bitch Squealer, and the humans from the surrounding farms. By this time Squealer was so fat, he could hardly open his eyes. I can imagine Alex Jones like this if he keeps using the garbage he sells. There was a toast and the renaming of the Animal Farm back to The Manor. Before the barn animals went back to the barn, there was a commotion in the house. The animals looked back and forth and they couldn’t tell the difference between the pigs and the humans….


Week Events

Today’s video I talked about the events in New Zealand. Emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility. Instead of blaming a social media influencer for some crazy person’s action, let’s blame the person.

Also, I came across Homesteading Tessie. She talked about how some YouTubers will make a situation in their lives seem either better or worse than it is. All this drama for ratings and views. Unfortunately, it’s working. I will leave a link to her video.

The link for my video for today.

Homesteading Tessie


The Week Ahead

I can’t believe another week has passed us by in a flash. We have two full weeks left of March and then it’s on to April. So, let’s look at what we will be doing this week.

Sunday: Current events which I will be discussing the incident in New Zealand and my personal suspicions about it.

Monday: Missing Child Monday will be a current case of a child which has gone missing. Yes, the cold cases are interesting. However, how long can a case remain cold until it’s forgotten? Let’s find these children before they are a cold case.

Tuesday: I am on the last chapter of Animal Farm. It has been an interesting read. There were many reflections of events which occurred under Lenin and Stalin. I came to realize that the character of Squealer once represented Nikita Khrushchov know represents Alex Jones.

Wednesday: We will look at current events once again. Mainly will look at the events occurring between Israel and Palestine.

Thursday: A tour of the kitchen and what we have accomplished so far.

Friday: Devotional

Saturdays: I reflect on events of the week and the upcoming week. I also do for others as Christ did while he was on earth.

Cook With Me

Cooking From Scratch Pantry and Essentials

I am going to give you a link to Heather Cohn at the Kneady Homesteader. She did a video on Tuesday on the essential items you need for cooking from scratch. She covered the food items, not the equipment. This is my personal list only.

Cast Iron: 1 skillet and at least 1 pot with lid. I will include a link to Cowboy Kent Rollings on cleaning and seasoning your cast iron.

Handheld electric mixer would be great for cakes and cookies.

Measuring spoons and cups. One really good set with work until you can pick up more. You don’t have to go to Khols or anywhere fancy. Just go to your local Dollar Tree and they carry Betty Crocker line.

Rolling Pin. At least one really heavy rolling is needed. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just heavy enough to roll out bread, cookies, and/or pie crust.

Spatulas and other utensils. If you use enameled cast iron don’t use metal utensils. The metal will scare the enameled finish on them. I recently saw a video by Christina Wihlem on her channel showing how to oil your wooden utensils. I will include that link as well.

Kitchen towels. Plenty of kitchen towels are going to be needed. Don’t go spend a bunch of money. Take a bath towel that is shredded up ready for the garbage and cut it down to the size you will need.

Spray bottles. Again hit your local Dollar Tree and buy at least two or four. Keep a simple solution of water and distilled white vinegar in it. 1 tbsp of vinegar to a bottle of water.

Cleaning supplies. While you are picking up your cooking supplies at Dollar Tree, just grab up your cleaning supplies there. Honestly, it’s what I do and most of the people I know shop there for everything they can.

Get an account with Pinterest and Yummly.

Here is my video:

Cowboy Kent Rollins
Easy Trick To Clean Cast Iron

Wilhelm’s Kitchen
Caring for your wooden kitchen wear ~ Oiling Wooden Spoons


Poverty: The real National Crisis

One in eight children will face homelessness every 9 weeks during a school year. The majority of children in America will only eat one meal a day. If they are lucky they will live in a community where community dinners are served nightly by churches. But no one wants to talk about this. And don’t talk about the $7 million that goes to Isreal a day. No! Never talk about the fact that APAC has more power in our government than we do.

On a personal note, if you have been using Wise Food Company to order buckets of food, stop. Seriously… Stop right now and never order from them again. The Wise Food co just submitted a list of all of their costumers who have ordered from them and their credit cards.

There is going to be a slight change into tomorrow’s video. Yesterday I saw a video that Heather Cohn from The Kneady Homesteader which she gave a list of food items which are a must-have in the pantry for people who want to learn to cook from scratch. I got inspired to do a video on the equipment which is needed.  Tomorrow I will give a list of links that people who want to learn to cook from scratch need to watch. They have helped me so much.