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Ball Jars Have Lost About Two Ounces!!

Alright y’al! I told you today I would have pics of the jars, however, I have I am currently working on uploading the pics from my phone and I will put them here as soon as I can (easier than I thought). The video link I can include on the bottom.

These jars are very beautiful. I just want to know, when did the pint jars shrink? In the video, I am comparing an older version of the pint jars to the ones I bought last summer. I had no idea how much the pints had shrunk..

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Russia: On the Right Path to Reclaim Future Generations

For this blog, I am going to combine two stories I have read. One is about Russia Duma wanting to get rid of Halloween and the second is banning dating sites. Which I agree with both.

First, let’s start with the Halloween thing. The Duma in Russia has noticed an awful trend around Halloween. Teen Suicide. They have had enough and they are getting ready to rid Russia of this unholy day. Good for them. There are 100 thousand kids get abducted on this one night alone. The abductions start cranking up in September and go till a few days after Halloween. They happen at other times of the year, but not as heavy as around Halloween. State Duma Rep V. Milonov is presenting a bill to the Duma to end this unholy day and finally call it what it is, satan’s day. I guess you could say his birthday celebration. Oh yeah! Let’s pass the goblet of goats blood and side of an unborn fetus. For dessert, we’ll have a virgin boy with an IQ of 200. Yeah, good times to all.

Sarcasm aside, this day never should have been allowed to take hold here. It’s as un-Christlike as you can get. Here is the link for you to do and read.

The second article is about how the Russian Duma wants to ban American dating site trend. I grew up with the first generation that knew what AIDS is. We have lost so many beautiful babies because of AIDS. We have also lost some really talented people like Ryan White. If you don’t know who he is google him. And make sure you have a box of tissues close by.

As a single mom, I don’t dare use these sites. They are horrible and they don’t really screen the people on them. When the Heavenly Father is ready for us to mate and multiply, he’ll bring us together. Dating sites are another unChristlike thing that never should’ve been allowed to take hold. Following Halloween of course. To read the article on these two topics on RT go to the link above and to the one below.



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Food And Storms

Let’s talk about Trump right quick. Saturday he made a comment that he may have to go underground. He had made a comment that he had made ‘rich enemies’. Yesterday someone tried to shot at him. First, he has two ex-wives, if anyone was going to shot him they would have by now. These ‘enemies’ are his friends. Friendships that go back 20 to 40 years.  I am calling this what I see, Political Theater. In other words, BULLSHIT!


Over the last 24 hours, we saw a storm named Derecho push across the country like a mac truck. It is pretty much-destroying everything in its path. This on top of other issues with the COVID-19 affecting the labor force, farmers need this storm like a bullet to the head. Also, a pending economical depression. Maybe the bullet might be the merciful thing to do. There have been farmers finding themselves with the ability to grow wheat and soybeans parallel to each other. 



DOI, (2020). Derecho windstorms rock rural Midwest communities.



Mr. Wok Foods, Inc. Recalls Multiple Meat and Poultry Products due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens.



Back to The Nut Hut

I am almost done with the apartment wide reorganizing and purging. Well at least with the purging part. Reorganizing is never-ending. About a week ago there were some seeds sent to people to solicit business. This was pushed as an ‘Anti-China’ propaganda opportunity. So far there have been a few brave souls who dared to plant these seeds. What one man from Arkansas found was a plant that looked like Squash. Nothing dangerous or invasive has been found. I have suspected from the beginning that this was a scam. Anyone with the setup can print out envelopes. All you need is the printing machine and software to translate. I have neither. However, you’d need a massive printing ability. 


Let’s talk about vaccines. For the last seven months, we have heard about the COVID-19 and its vaccine along with treatments. My guess is these lunatics have had a vaccine for at least five years. If not more. Now we are hearing about pre-loaded syringes with RFDI chips. First, if the chip is attached to the syringe on the outer casing, it can’t be inserted into the body. Why? Because it’s attached to the syringe’s case. However, if the chip is in the vaccine, then yes it can be inserted into the body. It’s simple science. The DOD (Department of Defense) awarded $138 million to ApiJect Systems America to cover the cost of the syringes. It’s because they have had them along. Vaccine and syringes have been in their possession all along. This has been pre-planned for years. Deborah Tavares 


While we are on chips let’s talk about Detroit Lions. Apparently the owners of the team have decided to chip all players. Great! Hope they didn’t want a quick romp in a cathouse in Vegas. The owners of the team will know ever step the players take. It’s being played off as they ‘just want to protect the players from COVID-19’. BULLSHIT! We are being prepped for the government to know everything we do and say. Well, they already know everything we say. 


Government meddling! It’s real and it always causes governments to fail regardless of the ideology. The thing that has caused the Venezuelan government to fail isn’t Socialism. It’s the ongoing meddling from the US. That brings me to my next article, the Next Great Depression. First, let’s understand that the economy and the stock market aren’t the same. Yeah! I use to think so too. The stock market is how shares of companies are sold and traded. It’s fictional at best and a scam at worst. The economy has more to do with GDP (gross domestic products) than the things we make. Canning jars, and cars. Every time we buy something like a case of canning jars, we stimulate the economy. However, we aren’t so much involved with the stocks of Ball inc. Just an example. Now if there is no money going into the economy then they Ball can’t produce jars and they stock falls the value of the company falls apart. That is the only way the economy and stock market are linked. Back before the first shut down happened we seen business put plywood over their windows. Now here we are three months later and the economy has gone into free fall. We are being prepared for a second shut down. There are approximately 2 million more people on unemployment since July. During the depression, there was ‘Hoovervilles’ sprung up everywhere in America. Now they will be called Trump Towns. There is no executive order that will get him out of this shit storm. 



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Use Your Pressure Canner for Water Bath Canning

This is a quick video showing you how to use your pressure canner for a water bath. It’s so easy. The advantage of not having the gauge showing your pressure is you can turn the top upside down and use the steam created from the water to clean your spout. 


Remember: If you have the gauge, DON’T turn the lid upside down as I did. You will ruin your gauge. 


Water: The water must be 2 or 3 inches above the tops of the jars. Other than that have a ball. Don’t feel like you have to buy two different pieces of equipment. If I had taken more time in 2018 when I started canning, I would have known that I don’t need two different pots for this procedure. 


Investment: Pressure canners are a better investment. Why? Because there are some foods that are low in acid like meat and beans which you can’t can in a water bath procedure. Meat and beans along with other low acid foods must be pressure canned. So dollar for dollar the pressure canner is a better investment because you can use it to water bath can. 



Scratch Kitchen 1 Year Anniversary

It has been a year since I launched my second channel. WOW! The level of crazy we’ve seen people hit in that year. We did canning projects, made a rolled cake (ok, we tried), put Ina Garten’s theory of assembly something, make something, buy something to the test, we combined it with her party planning strategy, leftover makeovers, Pantry meal featuring items we are likely to get at a food bank or pantry, Bake-Mas in December, and we learned about sourdough starters. We will get bake to these type of cooking. I do feel that it’s important to share information with each other about shortages of food for whatever reason they are happening.

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Once again we are seeing shortages. This time its soda. Why? There is a shortage of aluminum for cans. Then there are the individual components for making the soda. Sugar! Last year the sugar beet harvest sucked majorly. Why is there a shortage of aluminum cans? More people are consuming pop at home than ever. We were locked down for two and a half months. In Michigan, bottle rooms where people could return their cans and get a voucher to either cash in or spend in the store. Michigan has a $.10 deposit for cans. That adds up for people. It’s only on pop cans though. 


(Yes, I use pop and soda interchangeably.)


Think about all the items we buy in aluminum cans: pop, soup, veggies, fruit, and beans. Also, pan spray is in aluminum cans. This is going to have a huge impact on us as a society. I am suspicious about the coin shortage. However, we have to address it because coins are made with metals. If we can’t get metals for food packing than what is the point of coins if there’s nothing to buy. At this point, we need to ask which is more important, coins or food? 


FOOD! Without a doubt, food is more important than having coins. 





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Tyson To Build Meat Processing Robots


What could possibly go wrong? Besides a billion and one things. From a business point, I can understand the appeal of robots. They only need maintenance. No need to have a payroll constantly going. No worries about being sued if there is an accident. 


The problem comes when the programing goes wrong and you have a billion chicken thighs and no breast or legs. Then what? You have to get a human to reprogram the robots which mean you have to pay someone to do this work. So why not just have humans do the work, to begin with.  


Tyson Foods is ramping up development of robots that can cut meat in response to coronavirus outbreaks in meatpacking plants