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Ball Jars Have Lost About Two Ounces!!

Alright y’al! I told you today I would have pics of the jars, however, I have I am currently working on uploading the pics from my phone and I will put them here as soon as I can (easier than I thought). The video link I can include on the bottom.

These jars are very beautiful. I just want to know, when did the pint jars shrink? In the video, I am comparing an older version of the pint jars to the ones I bought last summer. I had no idea how much the pints had shrunk..

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Russia: On the Right Path to Reclaim Future Generations

For this blog, I am going to combine two stories I have read. One is about Russia Duma wanting to get rid of Halloween and the second is banning dating sites. Which I agree with both.

First, let’s start with the Halloween thing. The Duma in Russia has noticed an awful trend around Halloween. Teen Suicide. They have had enough and they are getting ready to rid Russia of this unholy day. Good for them. There are 100 thousand kids get abducted on this one night alone. The abductions start cranking up in September and go till a few days after Halloween. They happen at other times of the year, but not as heavy as around Halloween. State Duma Rep V. Milonov is presenting a bill to the Duma to end this unholy day and finally call it what it is, satan’s day. I guess you could say his birthday celebration. Oh yeah! Let’s pass the goblet of goats blood and side of an unborn fetus. For dessert, we’ll have a virgin boy with an IQ of 200. Yeah, good times to all.

Sarcasm aside, this day never should have been allowed to take hold here. It’s as un-Christlike as you can get. Here is the link for you to do and read.

The second article is about how the Russian Duma wants to ban American dating site trend. I grew up with the first generation that knew what AIDS is. We have lost so many beautiful babies because of AIDS. We have also lost some really talented people like Ryan White. If you don’t know who he is google him. And make sure you have a box of tissues close by.

As a single mom, I don’t dare use these sites. They are horrible and they don’t really screen the people on them. When the Heavenly Father is ready for us to mate and multiply, he’ll bring us together. Dating sites are another unChristlike thing that never should’ve been allowed to take hold. Following Halloween of course. To read the article on these two topics on RT go to the link above and to the one below.



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Political Chaos

I have several articles to share with y’all today so let’s get in it. Let’s start with Abby Martin’s lastest Empire Files video. Senator Thomas Cotton of Arkansas came out and called this virus “Chinese bio-engineered weapon”. (@12:35) Well, he’s half right. It was bio-engineered, just not by China seeing they don’t have a history of going this far. This government, however, I can tell you personally, does have that history. If we are going to demand that China open their labs then we should lead by example. She also made a point of mentioning the bounty put on President Nicholas Maduro by the Trump Administration. Leaders of a free nation don’t behave like that. Dictators however do. Cuban doctors have found an effective procedure to treat the COVID-19. Instead of helping them share it with the world which they want to do because well, Communists are just evil like that. They find an effective treatment for a virus that’s hammering the world and the rotten bastards want to help humanity. What to hell are they thinking to give this information away? They weren’t going to let the capitalist pigs to the North extort people into paying millions for the treatment. Damn it Communist! You are supposed to bring people to their knees and beg to pay for your treatment. You don’t give it away. This should show us the difference between a human government that seeks to help others like Cuba and an inhumane government like our beacon of hope for a government. (@14:11) The US humanitarian government put a stop to this from happening. I guess if they can’t profit from this no one will get to have it. With that, I am going to leave you a link to a paper out of Iran with the treatment avenue they are taking. 

Let’s move on to the DOJ. They are looking to take advantage of this crisis to redefine who is a “threat” and who isn’t. They want the power to detain American citizens as long as they want for whatever reason without trial or a release date. Now let’s look closer to what is really going on here. There have been many people who have realized to criticize Zionism as an ideology, not as religion can’t be done. A year ago we were getting wind of new round of Anti-Semitic laws coming.  By December we saw a bill put into place via Executive Order that to criticize Zionist is Anti-Semitic. Except it’s not. They’re not one and the same. People have caught on to it and rejected this approach. By no means am I saying to go out and attack people for their chosen or inherited religion! Just be aware that the DOJ is going to be used if this bio-engineered virus doesn’t wipe out enough people who are alert to the fact that criticizing Zionist isn’t the same as being Anti-Semitic. 


Apparently Trump is bored stealing Syrian oil because he has started to steal medical equipment meant for Canada and France. Also, last week Trudeau has threatened to take retaliation for baring 3M from sending the mask and other equipment that Canada had made a down payment on. This was equipment that the Canadian government made a down payment for the doctors to have as was needed. Last week they paid double the cash which France paid for equipment out of China. But wait a minute, the anti-China garbage being spewed by the bobbleheads on television. Meanwhile, the government is ordering 100,000 body bags for the impending death of COVID-19. Trump shipped many supplies to China months ago. While the “virus” was making itself known here. We have gone over this in prior videos. The “virus” was created at Ft Detrick Maryland at the Military Lab. The Vaping Illness was a test to see how people reacted. 

More issues to look at are the Postal service is in trouble because they may not have funding after June which means there is another wealth transfer coming for that. Up next is the link of the U.S. Surgeon General actually doing something useful. He showed how to make a mask. Friday afternoon the Snake-In-Law Jared Kushner made reference to a “federal stockpile”. Saying that it’s for the federal government, not states. So it’s stockpiling when they do it and it’s hoarding when preppers buy an extra supply when finances allow over their lives. And we have a mental illness in hoarding. BULLSHIT! 


Now let’s talk about taxing the rich. HELL YES! I came across two articles this week one from RT which President Putin said: “The Rich Must Pay for the Coronavirus”. Yeah! Seeing he is smarter than any official we have, I am sure he understands it will include him. The second article is about stories of the super-wealthy in Manhattan. One man called a company in Canada that makes ventilators to make one for him and his family privately. One lady wanted a tennis court built in her Hampton home because she was afraid of getting the coronavirus. Seriously! If they can be that selfish maybe getting taxed into reality wouldn’t be a bad thing.


U.S. Surgeon General (@Surgeon_General) tweeted at 9:23 AM on Sat, Apr 04, 2020




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April Grocery Haul with Pets

This month’s haul isn’t going to be all unboxing. I went to Kroger to do our once a month shopping except I could only get two meat items which is okay. We have enough chicken canned and frozen. Plus ground beef and beans canned (and dry). I forgot rice, we got a 10 lb for $6.50 which will take less space than two 5 lb bags. 


Otherwise, we got two impulse buys which we rarely ever do. Now for the video link.

Food Shortage Friday

Changes To A Grocer Near You

This is a quick video interview with my daughter who works as a courtesy clerk. There have been many changes in the store where she works. The video will explain all of them. 


No! She isn’t on camera that’s two reasons. 1. She’s under 18. 2. She’s not comfortable with the camera. Antonia does understand my desire to share information with y’all and have y’all share information with me. 


And yes, Sarge is raising hell with the cat. #lifewithpets


What Happened This Week….

“Although national monetary events may appear mysterious and chaotic, they are governed by well-established rules which bankers and politicians rigidly follow.”

G. Edward Griffin

The Creature from Jekyll Island

A Second Look at the Federal Reserve Pg. 39

Over the week we saw the Stock Market rise and crash again. There is no question that the nation won’t be reopened by Easter no matter how much Trump wants it reopened. He is losing wind and serious consequences. Senator Sanders is being dismissed which is going to be a huge mistake by the lamestream talking bobbleheads on television. There are many moves being made across the world to start a world war. 


I want to take a minute to remind you that this virus isn’t what you think it is. It has been manufactured for the maximum amount of damage with minimal effort… I am not saying people aren’t getting sick, not by any means. People are getting sick and even yes dying. That is the intent. As long as we are watching this “virus”. The Government can accomplish the goals their masters have laid out for them. 

  1. Crash the economy by any means necessary. Even manufacture a virus, give it a cute name, and then use it to divide people. 
  2. Push people to a singular currency. Rather than realize it or not, they will want it after they go months with very little in the supermarket. They will be happy to have their masters give them anything. Even if it means taking the mark of the Beast. 
  3. Have no doubt this is coming. So hang on to your hats folks, it’s going to be a hell of a ride. 
  4. Burn the constitution. This is the finally the elites have been waiting for. Once the constitution is burned and buried in the past, we will be unarmed and completely vulnerable. 
  5. We then will be slaves to the elites!!!

Unless we stand up now and say hell no. We will become slaves of the elites and our kids will ask, “how did this happen?” we will have to hang our heads to say “I am so sorry. I got caught up with elite-controlled media. I let myself become so crazed that I dropped the ball.”


G. Edward Griffin A Second Look at the Federal Reserve Pg. 39. The Creature from Jekyll Island

Last-minute revision to coronavirus stimulus widened eligibility for $1,200 checks

Governors are starting to close their borders. The implications are staggering.

Michigan governor says shipments of medical supplies ‘canceled’ or ‘delayed’ and sent to federal government

Trump Says He Told Pence to Ignore Governors in Hard-Hit Areas If They Are ‘Not Appreciative’

Suspending The Constitution: Police State Uses Crises To Expand Its Lockdown Powers

Suspending The Constitution: Police State Uses Crises to Expand Its Lockdown Powers



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