Federalizing Mistakes

During Trump’s 2016 campaign he promised to federalize the police. He promised better training, equipment, and more authority. Also, limited liability means they can’t be sued as quickly as in the past. Granted he didn’t make it in the first 100 days as he promised, as a matter of fact, he didn’t get the opportunity until halfway through his fourth year. He has referred to himself as a ‘Wartime President’ and ‘President of Law and Order’. 


After the situation in Minnesota, which details are still up for debate, Trump an executive order which will make it illegal for police to use chokeholds of any kind. While I agree cops shouldn’t be expected to act as drug councilors, homeless services, a marriage therapist in domestic violence situations. They should be available as back up for the therapist to ensure a safe environment. The cops are supposed to be for serious situations. However, the idea of putting them under the umbrella of Homeland Security as Trump suggested that the police federal, state, and local isn’t the right path. Yes, they should coordinate when needed. I don’t want to walk down the sidewalk and see police that resembles storm troopers from Star Wars. 


Now there is extra pressure on officials because truck drivers are refusing to deliver to cities who defund their local law enforcement. Granted there was a trucker getting dragged out of vehicles and beaten to an inch of his life after the Rodney King protest. I don’t blame for not wanting to deliver to insecure areas. Because truckers have families that depend on their check and their lives matter too. So if these cities don’t have local law enforcement, what takes their place? Usually, if things get bad enough National Guards will be brought in. In a worst-case scenario, branches of the military could be brought out to bring things under control. 



Trump Announces Plan to Federalize American Police Department http://realnewsrightnow.com/2016/07/trump-announces-plan-federalize-american-police-departments/http://realnewsrightnow.com/2016/07/trump-announces-plan-federalize-american-police-departments/


Truck Drivers Say They Won’t Deliver To Cities with Defunded Police Departments https://cdllife.com/2020/truck-drivers-say-they-wont-deliver-to-cities-with-defunded-police-departments/

Trump signs executive order incentivizing police reforms



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